​Making sense of .NET

Stuck every time you jump out of the ASP.NET Core MVC tutorials?

​You know what you want to be doing: building applications using ASP.NET Core MVC.

But instead you find yourself going through tutorial after tutorial trying to make sense of it all.

Practical ASP.NET Core MVC cuts through all the noise and gets you building your ideas using ASP.NET MVC in hours not weeks.

​Can't make sense of React.js?

Master the core concepts of React and ASP.NET Core and you'll be able to calmly and confidently use ​them to quickly (and reliably) build any features that came your way.

You could be that developer, you know, the one who embraces new feature requests instead of trying to dive out of sight every time the product owner walks towards you!

Figuring out how to build solid React + Web API applications on your own can be an uphill struggle but you don't have to tackle this by yourself.

Practical React + ASP.NET Core Web API will fast-track your React + Web API journey.

Jon Hilton

Hey, I'm Jon Hilton and I've been "doing" software development for more years than I care to remember (about 20 in fact).

My first site was ​a Red Dwarf fan site which I built when I was 16 and, well, I haven't really stopped "hacking" away at web sites and applications since.

I develop software for a company called Remote as well as blogging ​at jonhilton.net and building training materials/courses and books (like this one).

Think of me as primarily here to help you level up your development skills and find your way ​in the (often confusing) world of Microsoft software development.

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